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Do you want to put your home on the market and need to ensure it’s in excellent condition? Or do you need someone to make sure the property you want to buy has no hidden issues? Perhaps you just need to schedule regular maintenance of your home. No matter the reason, HHI Home Inspections is here to perform a meticulous inspection of the sewer line in your home and reveal any possible problems. 

With our years of knowledge and advanced equipment, we’re able to inspect sewer lines in detail, so rest assured we’ll provide you with a comprehensive sewer line inspection. This way, you’ll be able to implement proven solutions and bring your sewer line in top condition. Let’s get started!

What is a sewer line camera inspection?

The sewer line camera inspection process entails the use of high-resolution cameras to examine a sewer system. We will come to your house at your convenience and apply a multistep approach. Our camera inspection process is purely visual and does not involve any dismantling of any components (except for removing a clean-out cover). 
The inspection by our certified sewer line inspector will include:
  • A visual video survey of the main side drain line (lateral) via access from a standard clean-out
  • A written report of the inspector’s findings and data interpretations
  • A hyperlink to view your sewer line video inspection
It’s important to stress that sewer scope inspections do NOT include the following:
  • Quoting repair costs, assessment or operation of sewer ejector pumps, etc.
  • Construction, alteration or repairs of any kind to your current drain line
  • The removal of plumbing fixtures or components
  • Excessively long drain lines (over 200 feet)
  • Investigating permits

What can a sewer camera inspection find?

Here at HHI Home Inspections, we perform sewer line camera inspection in central and south Texas. This type of inspection is a highly effective way of examining sewer lines because it enables us to carefully check for issues and identify all possible problems.
Our team uses high-resolution waterproof cameras with self leveling lenses and provides our clients with videos so that they can see for themselves what problems they need to address. Using this approach, we can identify an array of issues with accuracy, including: 
  • Pipe cracking or puncturing
  • Any kind of obstructions
  • Misaligned pipe areas
  • Construction debris
  • Concrete and grout
  • Buildups of grease
  • Corroded areas
  • Leaking joints
  • Roots 

How can I benefit from a sewer line inspection performed by HHI Home Inspections? 

Since we use cameras to inspect sewer lines, we eliminate the risk of any inconveniences or possible damage to your sewer system. This is a non-invasive procedure that offers nothing but efficiency.

Furthermore, a camera inspection allows us to check if the needed repairs have been properly carried out, so you can also contact us after having the system repaired. Schedule with us and start improving your property!

Call HHI Home Inspections and let us put your mind at ease! 
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